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About the Artist

Susan Champeny works with municipalities, private clients, community health centers, and educational institutions to create murals, mosaics, and recycled materials sculpture. Her goal is to inspire wonder and surprise in the viewer by creating memorable images.

Her most recent mural is a large-scale spray-painting of native wetlands plants of New Hampshire, installed at the Lakes Region Community College in Laconia NH. Her whimsical and engaging sculptures have shown in her hometown of Worcester MA, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, and Hilo HI. She has received grants from the Worcester Arts Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council to bring sculpture-building workshops to after-school programs and to paint images of the city of Worcester in her signature colorful, optimistic, and playful style. She has three permanent artworks in the city of Worcester: two are mural-based, and the other is a mosaic.

Susan graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art with a major in Printmaking, and worked as an Art Director in publishing for 20 years, where she developed a collaborative skill set that led naturally to guiding community art projects. Her practice is based on three principles: create, have fun, and travel.

Her business plan is based on three principles: create, have fun, and travel.

Public Art and Murals


As Above—Wetlands Wisdom Plants: a 6-foot x 7-foot spray paint mural using collected wetlands plants from New Hampshire bogs and marshes, commissioned by the New Hampshire Arts Council for the Lakes Region Community College in Laconia NH.

Fish Fly Free: mural for the ceiling of a swimming pavilion in Ellicottville NY.


Aim High—Above the Tree Tops: a 20-foot x 9-foot spray paint mural depicting native trees, commissioned as an entryway piece for Worcester State University’s new residence hall.

Snow Saucer Lady Bug: a sculpture created for the Washington DC DOT Alphabet Animal Project, it was one of 10 artist installations mounted on light posts in the Navy Yard district.


Space Play Mosaic: featuring spaceships, planetary bodies and astronauts, commissioned by Boston Children’s Hospital. Created in collaboration with clay artist Cathy Gerson.


Lei Plastique: giant lei made of recycled materials created in a single day as part of the Hilo Lei Day Festival in Hilo, HI and then exhibited on the front of the East Hawaii Cultural Center.


ReinCARnation Hubcap Lily Pads: water-based installation created for Art on the Beltline in Atlanta, GA., then expanded for Elm Park’s for Art in the Park in Worcester MA.


Household Gods: an interactive Totem-based sculpture made of recycled plastic laundry bottles and fasteners, displayed as part of Worcester’s juried Art in the Park sculpture show.
Hang Up Your Creative Laundry: fourth annual interactive temporary sculpture installation in collaboration with Saori Worcester Weaving Studio, the Worcester Art Museum, and the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, as part of the Art in the Park program at Elm Park in Worcester. Over 300 adults and children participated in the creation of the artwork.


Light City: commissioned by National Grid and City of Worcester. One of five artists selected to paint murals on 7-foot high CFL light bulb sculptures to promote energy efficient lights.


The Sense-Able Bridges Project: Commissioned by the City of Worcester to create concepts to enhance the pedestrian experience of five railroad underpasses surrounding the Union Station inter-modal Transit area. Working with a team of engineers (LEI engineering) and a light artist (Leni Schwendinger), created designs and budgets that showed how the five senses could be applied to public artworks, including mural, mosaic, sculpture and light.

Chair Arch and Red Totems: One of 18 artists selected to create sculptures for the Art in the
Park Sculpture Competition in Worcester, MA during July through September 2009.

Hang Up Your Creative Laundry: The second annual interactive temporary sculpture installation in collaboration with Saori Worcester Weaving Studio, the Worcester Art Museum, and thePleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center, as part of the Art in the Park program at Elm Park in Worcester and funded by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Over 300 adults and children participated in the creation of the artwork.


The Welcome Words Mural: A 300 square foot mural in the lobby of Great Brook Valley
Health Center, Tacoma Street, Worcester MA. Created the concept through execution on-site,
including workshops for health care professionals, patients and community.


Wayfinding Prototype for City of Worcester: A grant-supported project for public art depicting
the spirit and history of Worcester, rendered in mosaic tile. Erected as part of the Wayfinding
Initiative, a signage and navigation system for the City of Worcester. Collaboration with the
guiding committee, cultural institutions, fellow artists and fabricators was highly important.



Totem Island: a grant from the Worcester Arts Council for a 2-week after-school sculpture
building and installation of Laundry Bottle Totems at the May Street School, Worcester, MA.


The City Celebrates: A grant from the Worcester Cultural Council to create a series
of paintings continuing the theme established in the 2007 Wayfinder Public Art project.


Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA
City of Worcester, MA
Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, Worcester, MA
Erskine and Erskine Co., Worcester, MA
Lakes Region Community College, Laconia, NH           
UMass Memorial Medical Center Ambulatory Care Center, Worcester, MA
Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester, MA
Worcester State University, Worcester, MA

Group Exhibits

2015 Ua Malamalama, Celebrating Hawaii’s Lei, eight spray-painted hangings, Hawaii Museum of Contemporary Art, Hilo HI
2014 Indoor Games, 3 large-scale sculptures at Sprinkler Factory Gallery invitational show.
2006-2011: Worcester Windows, ongoing display of vacant storefronts throughout Worcester.
2007: Windows, Work and Leisure, paintings of Worcester, at the Stanley Kunitz house.
1998: States of Mind, with ArtXII, UMass Medical Center School Lobby Gallery, Worcester.
1997: Twelve by Twelve, ArtXII group show, Paradis Art Gallery, East Douglas, MA.
1997: Structure and Nonstructure, with Gail F. Hormats, Paradis Gallery, East Douglas.
1996: Shrines, group installation with Art XII at ArtsWorcester Gallery, Worcester.
1995: Self Portraits, large-scale installation with ART XII, Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA.

Solo Exhibits

2012: Viewsof the Sudbury River, Lincoln Council for Aging, Lincoln, MA
2010: Fishing the Reef: 20 species of fish in Hawaii, Prints and the Potter Gallery, Worcester, MA
2008: Mills of the Blackstone Valley: Paintings on location, Alternatives, Inc., Whitinsville, MA

2007: Wandering: series depicting roadways at the Lincoln Council for Aging, Lincoln, MA
2006: Near and Far: paintings of the Puna District, Hawaii at One Love Cafe, Worcester
Getting Abstract: abstract works, First Unitarian Church, Worcester
Along the Way: roadsides of Worcester County, Booklover’s Gourmet, Webster, MA
1997: Vanishing Landscapes: First Unitarian Church, Worcester
1996: Worcester Views: First Unitarian Church, Worcester
How it Was: Blue Moon Gallery, Chagrin Falls, OH
Autumn Harvest: Borders Bookstore, Framingham, MA
1995: Mills and Abandoned Buildings of Worcester County: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Traveling Show: Borders Books and Music, Tacoma, WA and Portland, OR
Natural Light: watercolor paintings at Borders Books and Music, Chestnut Hill, MA
Watercolor Views: Shrewsbury Public Access Connection, Shrewsbury, MA
1994: Second Series: paintings at Borders Books and Music, Peabody, MA
1993: First Show: watercolor paintings at Borders Bookstore, Framingham

Subject Matter

urban demolition : mill buildings : scottish highland cattle : construction equipment : happy homes : abstract drawings : families at the beach : kids at the farm : comic books : hawaii : volcano : raccoon butterfly fish : abandoned buildings : mimosa and pine : oxford milling company : mount wachusett : ocean sunrise : roadways : hiking : rain forest : coral reef : baldface mountain : kapoho


1982: Massachusetts College of Art in Fine Arts, BFA in Printmaking
1975-1977: Wellesley College, Chinese Language Studies
1975: MIT Visible Language Workshop, high school internship


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