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Murals: painting on walls and other surfaces

My signature style is bright, optimistic and playful images applied the walled environment. I use spray paint or exterior grade house paint, depending on the needs of the surface and level of abstraction required.

I use spray paint to create abstract images from natural and man-made materials such as branches, leaves, tools and hardware. While not photographic, these images are often mistaken for posterized photography in strong complimentary hues infused with natural light.


Aim High 2014

Spray Paint Murals

Natural Light 2012

Spray Paint Murals

Fish FLy Free 2015

Other Murals

Welcome Mural 2008-2011

Other Murals


I create one-of-a-kind custom paintings for both murals and smaller works. Please contact me with project specifics or the type of imagery you are looking for.

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