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Hubcap Lily Pads: a floating water feature created from 63 recycled hubcaps, zip ties and pool noodles. It was installed on August 29, 2012 as part of Atlanta GA Beltline exhibit. It will be on display until the end of November 2012. How to find the art: It is viewable from the Beltline rail trail. The best access is behind the Publix Supermarket parking lot just north of the Monroe Drive NE and Piedmont Ave. NE intersection.

For more information on Art on the Beltline, go to:
ReinCARnation Hubcap Lily Pads

Aug 25 packing

Aug 25: Setting out from Worcester MA. In Sue's Honda fit: Sue, Chris, 63 hubcaps, floatation, canoe, first aid kit, anchors, waders, guitar.

machete work

Aug 29: The crew assembled at 8 AM in the Publix Supermarket parking lot. Elan and Jenny, both Beltline employees, cleared the 6 foot high brush with machetes.


I laid out tarps and zip-tied the hub-cap lily pads together. Then I climbed in my canoe to receive the artwork.


Jenny, Yvonne, and Chantelle (Light Parade artist) dragged the tarps full of hubcaps down the 10 foot embankment into the water.

anchorsI towed the lily pads into place and tied off the anchors. Getting the weights (laundry bottles full of 40 lbs of sand) out of the canoe without tipping over was a challenge! The entire thing, including brush clearing, took 4.5 hours to complete.


Aug 31: while photographing the lily pads, I zoomed in on an annoying leaf -- only to discover it was a FROG! The Hubcap Lily Pads are now successfully occupied by wildlife.

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