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The Wayfinder Mosaic

This was my first major public artwork, commissioned in 2007 by the Cultural Coalition of Worcester, as a prototype of their new WAYFINDER signage system. The theme was "The Spirit and History of Downtown Worcester" and rendered in ceramic tile mosaic.

Wayfinder Mosaic

Public Art Process

Line Art Created

1. I drew the conceptin ink, working out all the Worcester-specific items with the Cultural Coalition committee. The line art was over 6 feet long, and were scanned at the Antiquarian Society, which had a large format scanner. These scanned files were sent to Facente Tile Company to cut the clay.

Color Key Painted

2. I painted a full color painting in acrylic paint, at 40% of the original size to be the color guide that the Master Glazer would use to color the tile.

Working with fabricator

3. The clay was cut and fired in 15-inch sections. The Master Glazer and I worked together each week from July - September to match what I had painted.

Final Mosaic

4. In early September, the final grouting and installation was done, just in time for the official unveiling ceremony.




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